Plowman and Fisherman

You are Invited…

to join us as our guest at the next Plowman and Fisherman Meeting

Plowman and Fisherman

What is it?

Plowman and Fisherman is a club and it’s an honor roll.You join it for fun and for making friends, and you join it for a serious purpose. You make it possible for us to maintain Montgomery County’s Democratic Party operations on a permanent basis. You share your expertise and ideas with elected officials and other Democratic leaders.

Where did we get the name?

The Maryland State Seal has two fellows leaning on it in the Heraldry Book, they are identified as the Plowman and the Fisherman, “upon whose labors Maryland flourished.

When does Plow and Fish meet?

We gather periodically at the homes of members, and have one or more receptions annually at special places … County, state, and national Democratic officials or other guest speakers address our group and answer questions and trade ideas. Conversation is both lively and productive.

How long has this been going on?

Plowman and Fisherman was founded in 1967. We invite you to join.

We would very much like to see you at our next meeting.

Please call the Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee at 301-946-1000 to be added to our mailing list.

Of course, after you have experienced one of our gatherings, we hope you will join us as a member. Our Dues are: $150 annual / $ 75 twice annual.