MCDCC Dollars Drive

Dear Neighbor:

          The races have started for the 2014 elections and Montgomery County and Maryland is lucky to have so many talented Democrats running locally and statewide. This election cycle also marks an earlier primary voting date of June 24th. The Gubernatorial primary will be held, along with elections for Congress, Attorney General, Comptroller, County Executive and County Council, Local Legislative districts and the Central Committee. Your dollars to the local party help us carry out our important priorities, including:

• Provide you up to date information about legislation, programs and events

• Register and educate new voters in the Montgomery County

• Maintain the County Party’s headquarters

• Print and mail informative campaign literature

• Communicate our message of working for the common good of society

The Republicans Just Don’t Get It

Threat of Government Shut Downs, the defunding of the Affordable Care Act, bills to reduce food stamps –there’s one thing that we can all agree on, the Republicans just don’t get it. They have been using politics and the expense of the American people. As the least productive Congress, we as Democrats have a responsibility to take back the House. Your support today will help us elect Democrats locally and lend resources Nationally to get more Democrats into office.

What Can I Do to Help Get-Out-Every-Vote?

One way to help on the local level is to support the “Dollars for Democrats Drive.”   Dollars for Democrats helps our local Democratic Party (MCDCC) pay for office space, staff salaries, printings, mailings, get-out- the-vote activities, phone calls, renting tables and tents at events, and sharing our message and values.

So when we ask for a donation to keep us going strong, what should you do?  Help us continue to fight the good fight; please send in a donation – and ask your Democratic friends to do the same.  

What Other Ways Can I Help the Party?

Register your new neighbors to vote, canvass Democratic neighborhoods to get-out-the-vote, or phone bank to elect Democrats.

 Keep the Democratic Party in

Montgomery County Moving Forward

 Donor Levels

 $10   pat the Donkey

 $15   push the Donkey

 $25  pull the Donkey

 $45  propel the Donkey

 ___ other

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