Call to Action: Defend Against Voter Suppression

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Voter Suppression Has Come to Maryland!
We have seen Republican legislatures across the country suppress the votes of minorities, the elderly, and our youth. From Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas, and Wisconsin, Republicans have conducted a withering assault on early voting, voter identification laws, and other restrictions. Now Governor Larry Hogan is cracking open the door to voter suppression in Maryland. We didn’t think it could happen here in Montgomery County!  We need your help! Act now before the State Board of Elections certifies these changes at their meeting on October 15th.

In 2014, more than 8,000 people voted early at the Praisner Community Center and Lawton Recreation Center. That’s more than 20% of Montgomery County’s early votes. This includes the highest concentration of minority voters in the County at Praisner and large numbers of elderly voters at Lawton. Larry Hogan’s hand-picked election officials led the charge to eliminate these sites and replace them with ones that are less accessible to working people. By a 3-2 party line vote, Praisner and Lawton were replaced by Brookeville and Potomac, respectively. The two new sites are in low-density communities that are only accessible with limited public transportation.

On October 1, The Republican President of the Montgomery County Board of Elections testified before the County Council that the change in early voting sites was made after consultation with the Montgomery County Republican Party. That is a possible violation of the Maryland Open Meetings Law. The MCDCC and concerned citizens have or are filing complaints against this blatant anti-democratic action.
What can you do to stop voter suppression in Maryland? Below is a list of actions we need every Democrat to take to stop the State Board of Elections from certifying the two new sites. Everybody needs to act NOW!

Write to the State Board of Elections to have your voice heard.

Address letters to:
Maryland Board of Elections
151 West St., Suite 200
Annapolis, MD 21401
(or email them at

Sign an on-line petition developed by the Maryland Democratic Party. Click here to sign the petition.

Distribute this information to your social media contacts.
Spread the word on social media using #MDPolitics and #ProtectMDVotes.

These actions must be a priority because we must stop the Maryland Board of Elections from certifying the sites at their October 15 meeting. Act Now!

Support for this effort has been coordinated by the MCDCC, our State Delegation, the County Council, and numerous groups of citizens in Montgomery County who know that we cannot let this decision stand.