County Executive and Local Leaders Support the Democratic Ball

For Immediate Release

May 8, 2013

Contact: Almina Khorakiwala



County Executive and Local Leaders Support the Democratic Ball

Fundraiser Will Continue as Planned This Saturday, May 11

Kensington, MD – The Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee (MCDCC) is disappointed by the decision of some in Labor Unions to boycott and picket the 2013 Spring Ball. The MCDCC has been and remain strong believers and supporters of organized labor. The Party stands behind the working men and women in this County.

The MCDCC has made numerous attempts to reach out to Labor leaders to meet formally to discuss this matter. To date, Labor has not reciprocated a call for a meeting. “There is deep concern that this divisive action will make it more difficult to fight for issues important to both organized Labor and the Democratic Party.” Party Chair, Gabe Albornoz stated, “Historical data acknowledges that the strongest outcomes are produced when we work together.”

Many local elected officials continue to stand with the party, including: Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett, members of the Montgomery County Council, members of the Democratic State Delegation, Federal Elected Officials, as well as numerous Democratic Clubs and Caucus have all pledged their support for the 2013 Spring Ball.

The Party and its strength are built from the grassroots volunteers and precinct organization. Last fall, the precinct organization overwhelmingly voted 109 to 14 in favor of Question B. The Committee affirmed this position, and made it the official stance of the Party during the November 2012 election.

The Central Committee, as the governing body of the local Democratic Party, works to educate voters, staff the polls on Election Day and get Democrats elected, including mailing a sample ballot to every registered Democrat in the County.  The Spring Ball serves as the Party’s main fundraising event, without which the work of the Party may be dramatically impacted.


 The Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee is the governing body of the local Montgomery County, Maryland Democratic Party. The MCDCC is comprised of Party Officials from each of Montgomery County’s Legislative Districts. These Party Officials are elected to office during the Primary by Democrats in Montgomery County. Party Officials serve terms of four years.

Authorized by Gabe Albornoz, Chair; Pam Queen, Treasurer.