BOE Nominations

Central Committee to fill 3 Board of Elections positions

The MCDCC will be submitting nominations for the Montgomery County Board of Elections to Governor-elect Hogan on February 11. We have been requested to submit 4 names each for 2 Board Members and 1 Alternate. Requirements for the position include the following. Nominee must be a registered Montgomery County Democratic voter for 5 years preceding appointment; and, Nominee must not hold, or be a candidate for public or party office.

The MCDCC will be accepting applications until noon on Friday, January 30. The Central Committee will have a public vote to fill the positions at the February 10 meeting. To submit an application, an individual must complete the Appointments CV Form and the Ethics Exemption Disclosure Form. You may download the forms from the MCDCC website at The forms must be fully completed and signed and submitted to the MCDCC by fax (301-946-1002), by emailed PDF to, or in person by noon on Friday January 30. In the event you are selected for one of these positions, the MCDCC will have to submit your originals to the Appointments Office. If you have questions, please contact the MCDCC office at 301-946-1000 or by email at

Download the CV application and Ethics form, which both must be completed and returned to the MCDCC.