Ballot Questions Meeting

On Wednesday, September 19, beginning at 7:30 p.m., the Precinct Organization will meet in the Council’s Hearing room at the County Council Office Building, 100 Maryland Avenue in Rockville, Maryland, to adopt a position on each of the ballot questions.

Click here to view the Ballot Questions Advisory Committee’s 2012 Report.

Those eligible to vote on the ballot questions are Precinct Chairs, Vice Chairs and Area Coordinators.  You must personally be present to vote as no proxy ballots are permitted and no one can vote for you under our Party rules.


All persons specified below may speak when recognized by the BQAC Chair person during the meeting. However, other than the BQAC member explaining the particular ballot issue, speaking time for questions or advocacy of a position, will be limited by the chair to two minutes per person:


  1. Precinct Officials (Chairs, Vice Chairs and Area Coordinators)
  2. Current and former Members of the MCDCC and the Maryland Democratic Party
  3. Current and former elected Democratic officials.
  4. Presidents of a chartered Democratic organization located in Montgomery County.  Charted Democratic organizations may want to hold meetings between receipt of this Report and the holding of the Precinct Organization meeting on September 19th.  Notice of such meetings, to the extent practical, will be published in the Montgomery Democrat and on the County Democratic Party’s Website.


Ten minutes after the Precinct Organization has adjourned, the MCDCC members will assemble to vote on whether to accept the position of the Precinct Organization as voted upon at its meeting.  A two thirds majority of those MCDCC members voting is required for adoption of the official Democratic Party position on each ballot question and marking of the official sample ballot.   If the MCDCC’s vote adopts a recommendation of the Precinct Organization, that position will be the position of the Party on that ballot question.  If the MCDCC fails to adopt a recommendation of the Precinct Organization, the Party will be neutral on that ballot question.   MCDCC members are encouraged to attend, but not entitled to vote, at the Precinct Organization meeting.


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