Auction Donations for Spring Ball

Donate an Item to the Silent Auction
Looking for suggestions for items to donate?

* How about a timeshare that you never have time to use?
* A gift certificate to a store or restaurant?
* An airline ticket, theater tickets, or tickets to a sporting event?
* Jewelry, crafts, or day spa/massage?

Help make this year’s Spring Ball and Awards Gala one of the best ever by donating goods, services, or baskets to the auction at the Spring Ball and Awards Gala.

If you want to keep the Montgomery County Democratic Party Central Committee strong and vibrant, donating to the auction is a great way to help.

To donate, contact Mike Gruenberg at
516-965-8454 (cell) or

To donate items to the Silent Auction, click here.
To make basket donations, click here.

The Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee is the governing organization for the local Democratic Party. The MCDCC maintains a headquarters in Kensington, publishes a monthly newsletter, registers voters, oversees an organization of 400 precinct officials (volunteers) and runs one of the most extensive Election get-out-the-vote operations in the country. Our annual Spring Ball and Auction will take place on May 7, 2016. The proceeds of our annual auction are directed toward this extensive effort!